Portable Ramps

Portable ramps are intended for home and general building access, plus mobility vehicle access if required. Many of our portable ramp solutions also fold, allowing them to be folded and stored away when not required.

AAH Classic Portable Ramp

This premium flexible and customisable ramp is available at an affordable price.

AAH Lite Portable Ramp

The lightweight portable ramp folds for compact storage & features a flat hinge.

AAH Space Saver Portable Ramp

This portable ramp can be folded into half and be stored in a compact storage.

AAH X-TRA Portable Ramp

This portable ramp is available in four lengths & is quick and easy to set up.

What our customers say about us …

About our portable ramps

Portable ramps offer a world of freedom and convenience for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. They bridge the gap between curbs, steps, and uneven surfaces, transforming once-impassable obstacles into open pathways and allowing easy transportation of wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Here’s a glimpse into the numerous benefits these handy ramps provide:

Go anywhere, anytime:

Portable ramps empower users to navigate their surroundings with greater autonomy. Whether it’s accessing a friend’s porch, entering a restaurant, or exploring a park, these ramps pave the way for spontaneous adventures.

No need for help:

Forget relying on others for assistance. Portable ramps enable users to overcome minor obstacles independently, boosting confidence and dignity.

Lightweight and foldable:

Unlike permanent ramps, portable versions are designed for easy transport and storage. They typically fold compactly, fitting snugly in car trunks or even backpacks.

Adaptable to various needs:

Different portable ramp models cater to diverse requirements. Some are short and lightweight, ideal for curbs and thresholds, while others extend longer and support heavier weights, accommodating mobility scooters.

Non-slip surfaces:

Most portable ramps feature textured or perforated surfaces that prevent slipping, even in wet or icy conditions, ensuring safe passage for users.

Secure footing:

Stable and sturdy construction with wide bases and secure anchoring options minimizes the risk of tipping or wobbling, providing peace of mind for users and their loved ones.


Compared to permanent ramp installations, portable options are generally more affordable, making them an accessible solution for many users.
Discreet and convenient: Portable ramps can be readily deployed when needed and stowed away when not, minimizing disruption to public spaces or private entrances.

Variety of choices:

With a range of materials, lengths, weight capacities, and folding mechanisms available, there’s a perfect portable ramp for every individual and situation.
Overall, portable ramps are invaluable tools for promoting independence, safety, and accessibility for wheelchair and mobility scooter users. They empower individuals to explore their surroundings with confidence, participate in daily activities, and connect with the world around them.

Things to consider:

Remember, choosing the right portable ramp depends on individual needs and preferences. Consider factors like weight capacity, ramp length, portability, and ease of use to find the perfect match for your situation.

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