Special Needs Helmets for Maximum Head Protection

Our special needs helmets are soft, lightweight and comfortable, designed to provide you maximum head protection from Epilepsy(seizures), Head Banging (Autism & ADHD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), falls & other injuries.

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Protective devices are VAT exempt for those with disabilities or long-term illnesses. For more on VAT relief, click here.

Our Range of Special Needs Helmets

We offer a range of special needs helmets designed specifically to prevent head injuries by reducing the effect of impacts. These include epilepsy helmetsautism helmets and helmets for the elderly to protect against both major or minor impacts, preventing serious head injuries. We also offer fashionable & stylish bump caps for those who want to look great whilst still having some impact protection. Explore our range below…

Low Risk of Injury : Minor falls | Day-to-day knocks & bangs


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Medical Grade Head Protection

We are an NHS aproved supplier and our product is rated as medical gear of superior quality, manufactured in Germany.
Picture of HP-1 Special Needs Helmet


Protective, comfortable & lightweight protection.

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Open or closed top
  • Moisture wicking
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Weighs less than 100g
  • Effective in reducing impacts from minor knocks & bangs

Suitable for Autism, minor falls, ADHD, Dementia

Price from £204.05 + VAT
Picture of HP-2 Special Needs Helmet Cotton


Protective, comfortable & lightweight with add-on protection options.

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Cotton finish
  • Add-on bumper option
  • High-density foam filling
  • Protects side, front, back & top of the head

Suitable for Autism, Minor Falls, ADHD, Dementia

Price from £335.09 + VAT

Medium Risk of Injury : Head banging for Autism & ADHD | Risk of falls

Picture of HP-2 Special Needs Helmet Leather


Protective, comfortable & lightweight with add-on protection.

  • Suitable for all ages
  • Long-lasting leather finish
  • Add-on bumper option
  • High-density foam filling
  • Protects side, front, back & top of the head
  • Sun peak available
Suitable for Autism, Minor Falls, ADHD, Risk of Falls

Price from  £498.89 + VAT

HP-3 Special Needs Helmet


Lightweight, helps to reduce the harm & impact to the head.

  • Hard-wearing leather finish
  • Wipe-able, cleanable leather
  • Add-on bumper option
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Protection from head-banging in Autism & ADHD cases
  • Custom-made to fit
  • Custom highlight colour option

Suitable for Autism, minor falls, ADHD, Epilepsy, Dementia

Price from  £821.45 + VAT


  •   Handmade in Germany
  •   Cotton or full grain leather outers
  •   Moisture Wicking linings
  •   Specialist impact absorbing foam
  •   Nickel free fasteners
  •   Customisable protection

High Risk of Injury : Epilepsy | Seizures | Traumatic brain injuries | Hard falls or impacts

Picture of HP-4 Special Needs Helmet


Soft helmet, provides maximum protection for those at high risk of injuries or harm.

  • Hard wearing, scuff resistant leather
  • Closed or Semi-open top
  • Rear impact pad (for falls)
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • All-round protection for Epilepsy & Seizures
  • Fully customisable protection

Suitable for Traumatic Brain Injury, Self-harm or Hard falls

Price from £663.95 + VAT

Picture of HP-4 Enhanced Special Needs Helmet


Soft helmet, provides maximum protection for those at high risk of injuries or harm.

  • Hard wearing, scuff resistant leather
  • Closed or Semi-open top
  • Extended rear impact pad (for falls)
  • Extended Frontal protection option
  • Full face protection options
  • Chin protection & Adjustable Chin strap
  • Customisable protection

Suitable for Traumatic Brain Injury, Self-harm or Hard falls

Price from  £689.15 + VAT

Picture of HP-5 Adjustable Special Needs Helmet


Adjustable helmet that provides maximum head protection.

  • Fully adjustable helmet
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Add-on protection options
  • Rear impact protection
  • Full leather outer layer
  • Customisable protection

Suitable for Traumatic Brain Injury, Self-Harm, Falls, Post cranial surgery

Price from £1,010.45 + VAT

General & Daily Activity
: Swimming | Hydrotherapy | Sleeping | Bump Caps

Picture of HP-A-Swimming-Helmet


Super soft, light, anti-bacterial helmet for swimming, hydrotherapy or bathing.

  • Hardwearing soft Neoprene outer
  • Closed or Semi-open top
  • Extended rear impact pad
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Protection from knocks, Epilepsy & Seizures
  • Washable & Quick drying

Suitable for protecting during bathing, swimming or hydrotherapy.

Price from £663.95 + VAT

Picture of HP-S-Special-Needs-Helmet-for-sleep


Made from breathable super soft brushed leather, for use in bed.

  • Super soft brushed leather
  • Semi-open top for air flow
  • Ample all round padding
  • Adjustable chin strap
  • Protects during sleep
  • Additional chin protection option

Head protection to prevent harm from falls or epilepsy/seizures during sleep

Price from  £689.15 + VAT

HP Base Bump Cap


Head protection bump cap with casual contemporary & a modern look.

  • Fashionable Bump Cap
  • Protects from minor knocks
  • Removable chin strap
  • Adjustment strap at rear
  • choice of materials
  • Hand washable

Protects from minor knocks & bumps. Looks like a regular peaked cap.

Price from £556.85 + VAT



Modern-look, padded beret with impact absorbing integral foam layer.

  • Modern styling
  • Impact resistant foam filling
  • Removable chin strap
  • Choice of flower motifs
  • Hand washable

Stylish cap for knocks and bumps

Price from £556.85 + VAT

Perfect Fit Capture Screen


Quick and simple way to build a fitted head protection helmets and hats.

  • Minimal physical contact
  • Quick and simple
  • Accurate and reliable
  • For adults and children
  • Enables the best fit

Build a perfectly fitting head protector

Price from £900 + VAT

What our customers say about us …

Customisable Special Needs Helmets

Our head protection helmets are adjustable and customisable to fit various head sizes and shapes, ensuring maximum comfort and protection for individuals with special needs.

Available in various sizes and styles, our helmets cater to individuals of all ages and needs. Choose from a range of colours and designs to suit personal preferences.

Watch video about our range of head protection helmets.


Why special needs helmets?

Our helmets act as Disability Safety Helmets giving maximum head protection from injuries from various medical conditions like Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Epilepsy, Bleeding Disorders, Falls (not just for the elderly), and many more.

Range of helmets offers head protection from Seizureshead-banging in Autism & ADHD.

Our helmets offer head safety in general activities like swimming, bathing and while sleeping.

Lightweight and comfortable

Our special needs helmets are exceptionally light (from as little as 100g) allowing you to wear them for extended periods without discomfort, promoting compliance and safety.

Designed with comfort in mind, these helmets feature adjustable straps and padding to ensure a snug and comfortable fit for extended wear.

Built to withstand daily wear and tear, our helmets are durable and long-lasting, offering reliable protection over time.

woman and baby wearing special needs helmets HP 1
The benefits of special needs helmets
Head protection helmets are used for various medical conditions and situations to prevent or minimise injuries to the head. Some common medical conditions where head protection is recommended include:

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Head protection is crucial for individuals with a history of TBI or those at risk of head injuries due to falls, accidents or sports-related activities. Special needs helmets and protective headgear can help absorb impacts and reduce the severity of head injuries.

People with epilepsy may experience seizures that can lead to falls and head injuries. Wearing protective headgear, such as padded helmets, can provide cushioning and protection during seizures to minimize the risk of trauma.

Skull fractures
Individuals with weakened or fragile skulls due to conditions like osteoporosis, bone tumors, or certain genetic disorders may require head protection helmets to reduce the risk of skull fractures. Helmets or padded headgear can offer extra support and cushioning.

Cranial surgery
After cranial surgery, patients often need to wear protective headgear to safeguard the surgical site and provide support during the healing process. Custom-made or specialized helmets can be used based on the specific surgical requirements.

Post-concussion syndrome
Head protection helmets may be recommended for individuals experiencing prolonged symptoms following a concussion. Helmets with extra padding or protective inserts can help protect against reinjury and provide a sense of security during physical activities.

Bleeding disorders
People with bleeding disorders like hemophilia or those taking anticoagulant medications may be more susceptible to head injuries. Protective headgear can offer additional safety during everyday activities, reducing the risk of head trauma.

Fragile skin conditions
Individuals with conditions like Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), which cause fragile skin prone to blistering and tearing, may benefit from special needs helmets to prevent head injuries. Soft and padded helmets can minimise the risk of skin trauma.

Falls (not just for the elderly)
Falls and fractures in older people are often preventable. Reducing falls and fractures is important for maintaining the health, wellbeing and independence of older people.

A fall is defined as an event which causes a person to, unintentionally, rest on the ground or lower level and is not a result of a major intrinsic event (such as a stroke) or overwhelming hazard. Having a fall can happen to anyone; it is an unfortunate but normal result of human anatomy. However, as people get older, they are more likely to fall over. Falls can become recurrent and result in injuries including head injuries.


While head protection may not be a common recommendation for individuals with Autism or ADHD as a direct treatment for these conditions, there are certain situations where it could be beneficial. Here are a few scenarios where special needs helmets may be considered:

Self-Injurious behaviours
Some individuals with Autism or ADHD may engage in self-injurious behaviours, such as head-banging or head-hitting. In such cases, protective headgear can be used to minimise the risk of injury and provide a physical barrier.

Sensory regulation
People with Autism or ADHD may have sensory sensitivities and seek sensory input or stimulation. Wearing a weighted or compression headband can provide gentle pressure to the head, which some individuals find calming and helpful for self-regulation.

Safety during physical activities
Individuals with Autism or ADHD may participate in sports or physical activities where head injuries are more likely, such as biking, skateboarding, or rollerblading. Wearing special needs helmets specifically designed for those activities can help prevent head injuries and ensure safety.

Redirecting stimulatory behaviours
Some individuals with Autism or ADHD may have repetitive stimulatory behaviours that involve head movements, such as head-bobbing or head-shaking. In certain cases, providing a safe alternative, such as a soft padded helmet, can redirect the behaviour and reduce the risk of injury.


It’s important to note that specific types of head protection that we recommend may vary depending on the condition and individual requirements. Consulting with a healthcare professional or specialist is recommended to determine the most suitable head protection for a particular medical condition.

When working with individuals with Autism or ADHD we can provide personalised recommendations based on the individual’s specific sensory profile, behaviours, and safety concerns.

Please note: Although these products are designed to substantially reduce the risk of injuries, the manufacturer and seller accept no responsibility for injury or loss arising from the use of these products.

These products are not able to offer complete protection from ALL types of injury, although every effort is made in their design to offer the best head protection possible. These helmets are not designed as cycle or equestrian helmets as should not be used as such.


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FAQs on Head Protection Helmets

Special needs helmets, also known as head protection helmets, are designed to protect individuals who are vulnerable to injuries resulting from conditions such as falls, epilepsy, autism, ADHD, developmental disabilities, seizures, traumatic brain injury, or other physical/neurological impairments. Explore our selection of special needs helmets, which are crafted to be soft, durable, lightweight, and comfortable. Our range ensures optimal head protection against a variety of potential injuries, prioritizing safety and comfort for those in need.

Special needs helmets offer crucial protection against head injuries in various medical situations and conditions. They are particularly effective in safeguarding against Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Epilepsy, Skull fractures, Cranial surgery, post-concussion syndrome, Bleeding disorders, Fragile skin conditions, and falls across all age groups. And, these helmets play a vital role in preventing head-banging and related injuries in individuals with ADHD and Autism.

Special needs helmets are available in various types to accommodate different needs and conditions. At Adapt A Home, we offer the following categories of helmets:

Helmets for Low Risk of Injury: Lightweight, minimalistic design for added comfort during low-impact activities.

Helmets for Medium Risk of Injury: Reinforced with durable materials, striking the perfect balance between protection and agility.

Helmets for High Risk of Injury: Engineered with advanced impact-absorbing technology, prioritizing safety without compromising mobility.

Helmets for General & Daily Activity: Versatile & fashionable helmets designed for everyday wear, during swimming, bathing and while in sleep ensuring protection without sacrificing style or comfort.

An epilepsy helmet, also known as a seizure helmet, is a specialized helmet designed to provide protection to individuals who experience seizures, particularly those with epilepsy. These helmets are constructed with materials that can absorb impact and cushion the head during a seizure, reducing the risk of head injury. They are typically lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. Epilepsy helmets can offer peace of mind to individuals and their caregivers by providing an added layer of safety during seizure episodes.

Our HP-4 Special Needs Helmet is specifically engineered to offer optimal protection for individuals with epilepsy.

An autism special needs helmet serves as a protective headgear for individuals on the autism condition, particularly those prone to self-injurious behaviours. Designed to cushion and shield the head, it offers a layer of defence against potential harm during instances of head-banging or hitting. By promoting a sense of security and reducing anxiety, these helmets can help individuals with autism feel calmer and more focused, facilitating their engagement in activities and interactions within their environment.

Our HP-3 Special Needs Helmet is specifically crafted to address the needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

A soft helmet, also known as a padded helmet, is a type of head protection helmets designed to provide cushioning and protection to the head. Unlike traditional helmets made of hard materials like plastic or metal, soft helmets are constructed with soft, flexible padding materials such as foam or fabric or soft leather. They are commonly used in situations where there is a risk of head injury but require less impact protection than hard helmets.

They offer a balance between comfort and safety, providing peace of mind to users and caregivers alike.

Special needs helmets can be suitable for outdoor activities and certain sports, provided they offer sufficient protection for the specific activity. For recreational pursuits with low impact, such as biking or skating, helmets designed for general use may suffice.

However, for more high-impact or contact sports, individuals may need specialized helmets tailored to those activities to ensure adequate protection.

Special needs helmets protect against seizures and head-banging by utilizing cushioning materials such as foam padding, which absorb impact and reduce the risk of head injury.

Our helmets are designed to fit securely using adjustable chin fasteners (straps) to prevent slipping during movements. By providing a proactive barrier, special needs helmets help mitigate the risk of injury during episodes of seizures or self-injurious behaviours, ensuring the safety of individuals with conditions like epilepsy or autism.

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