Bathing & toileting aides

Designed to make ablutions a much easier and relaxing experience for those who sometimes struggle. Particularly helpful for disabled and elderly people, toileting bathroom aids can help maintain dignity and independence in the home.

Safe and comfortable bathrooms with our bathing Aides

Anybody can benefit from our great-looking bathing & toileting products that bring peace of mind to users when taking a shower, even in the bathtub. These solutions provide extra safety against slipping and are especially useful for people with mobility issues, and elderly users who are at an even higher risk of slipping in the bathtub.

These products are also excellent aids for people who need to sit down when taking a bath and would like to enjoy their time under the shower. Thanks to the innovative designs our bathtub products let users enjoy their bath and are also an excellent help for carers.

Drop Down Shower Seats & Bathlifts:

If you have a shower and can access it, sometimes a drop-down shower seat can be useful as it enables a seating option while showering. In the case of clients who wish to keep using an existing bath but find it difficult to get in and out of the tub, we offer simple yet effective bath lifts which allow you to transfer onto a seat which then lowers you into the bath.

Bath Steps:

For those that only need a little help getting into and out of their bath, these simple but effective steps are a perfect size to give you a step up & over the bath rim. With stable, slip resistant feet and non-slip, removable, washable covers, these small steps can be put away when not needed.

Shower/Commode Chairs:

We have a range of seating for toilet areas, many models are portable and have multiple uses. Some can be used in a shower without rusting and are easily cleaned. Many of our shower seats can also be used as a portable commode and are also a great way to transfer from a bed to the bathroom.

Level access showers:

For people with very limited mobility, who would find it difficult or impossible to get in and out of the bath, we can offer level access showers. These are especially useful for people who would like to use a shower chair or shower/commode chair as it allows you to be positioned under the shower head without any obstacles getting in the way on-route to the shower area. Level access bathrooms can involve some building works and a certain amount of disruption. If you require a level access bathroom, contact us and we will arrange for a survey to be undertaken.

Contact us if you have a particular problem with access to bathing or toileting and we will help you find a suitable solution.

Our Bathroom Aides Range:

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Shower Commode Chairs