Riser Recliner Chairs (Lift Chairs)

Recliner Lift Chairs:

Riser Recline Care Chairs

Lift chairs or riser recliner chairs are essentially motorised armchairs which will recline, tilt and help lift you up to a standing position, they enable getting in and out of the chair at the touch of a button. They will also recline to give the user multiple positioning options for maximum comfort. Most chairs also feature an adjustable leg rest that enables the legs to be supported while raised. We even have chairs that can cater for bariatric users up to 120 stone.

Neuro Chairs

Neuro Chairs:

Neuro care chairs are designed for the rehabilitation and seating of patients with neurological and other medical conditions. We cater for both adults & children who require adjustable seating positions, pressure re-distribution and postural support & control, which cannot be achieved with conventional seating. Many of our Neuro chairs also provide a lift, rise and recline option and can cater for standard or bariatric users.

Bariatric Recliner Lift Chairs:

Bariatric Chairs

Bariatric chairs have been designed specifically to provide bariatric users with a comfortable and well-built seating solution. They deliver comfort with enhanced functionality, whilst offering more support adjustments than regular chairs today.



As well as riser recliner and neuro chairs, we also provide very comfortable high back chairs for those who don't need any additional special support or features, just comfort. Most high back chairs offer "wings" to help the occupant sit upright. We can provide a chair that is the ideal height for the user to make getting into and out of the chair a little easier.

Hoist Friendly Chairs:

If the chair occupant needs to be transferred using a portable hoist or uses a stand aid, then we have hoist friendly chairs that have castor wheels that raise the body of the chair from the floor and enable the legs of a portable hoist to pass under and enable safe transfers. They also enable the occupant to be moved whilst seated in the chair. These are also known as Porta Chairs.

Our Lift Chairs, Neuro and High Back chair range:

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