Toileting Sling

Available in 7 sizes
Chest band as standard
Designed for toilet transfers
Colour coded leg loops
Large hoist compatibility

The Toileting and Transfer Sling is designed to offer quick and easy access for the adjustment of clothing and quick fitting for toilet transfers. Fitted with the arms inside, the sling cannot ride up under the arms which means it is suitable for a wider range of clients.

  • Available in 7 sizes
  • Two-piece style
  • Detachable legs allowing for ease of washing
  • Chest band as standard
  • Colour-coded leg loops

The new Toileting Sling is used with the client’s arms on the inside of the sling, meaning it cannot ride up under the arms and is suitable for a greater array of clients. For added safety and comfort, the sling is supplied with double buckle waist straps as standard and is available in various sizes. This sling is compatible with most mobile and ceiling track hoists and can be used with the Ergolet Stella Standing and Toileting Hoist. The sling is available in a wide range of sizes.

Hoist and sling safety

The chosen hoist and sling must be able to lift your body weight. Consequently, the working load should be displayed on both the sling and the hoist. You must know your weight accurately to select the appropriate equipment.

Check the hoist regularly to ensure that:

  • the lifting arm moves smoothly through its full range
  • the castors on a mobile hoist move freely
  • the brakes are effective when used
  • any emergency stop mechanism works effectively.

You must ensure that the battery works well, is charged, and is correctly installed before using a powered hoist. Check any electrical connections and leads to ensure no fraying, breakages etc. Also, check slings for any broken stitching or frayed or broken material. Straps and clips should be secure and in good condition. There shouldn’t be more than a single user using the sling to prevent cross-infection. Always use slings that are compatible with the hoist (this usually means using slings from the same manufacturer).

The hoists and slings should be serviced every six months. This service may be provided by the manufacturer or the supplier or arranged by the local community equipment service if your hoist is supplied through statutory services. A mobile hoist has brakes on the castors. These must not be used to transfer a service user but may be used when storing the hoist. Check that they hold the hoist securely when applied.

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