Super Through Floor Lift

255Kg weight limit
Backup battery
Through floor lift
Available in various sizes
Up to 4.2m travel

A Super Through Floor Lift offers smooth and quiet travel between floors and is a splendid extension to your home.

Our domestic thought floor lifts are designed to be easily installed in a wide range of homes. 

The Super Through Floor Lift is available in various sizes and with a vertical travel distance of up to 4.2 metres. The lift travels on elegant vertical elevator rails. When not required, the lift can be sent away so you can enjoy all of your living space. You can call it back down to you when you want to go back upstairs.

Manufactured to the highest safety standards and with a range of optional extras. Our Super Through Floor Lift is the ultimate choice for adding value to your lifestyle at home. Designed to be easily installed in a wide range of homes. Our residential elevator is available in various sizes and with a vertical travel distance of up to 4.2 meters.

The different models of residential elevators

  • Compact: sole person lift
  • Twin: discreet and stylish two-person residential elevator
  • Wheelchair: cutting-edge lift that allows wheelchair users to live independently at home

Super Through Floor Lift benefits

Quick installation

Typically, installing a home lift takes 1 – 2 days. There should be no requirement to redecorate your home after the lift is installed.

A Perfect Fit

The Super Through Floor Lift come in a range of sizes. Choose whichever lift setup suits your individual needs as well as the space available in your home.

Back-up power

In the event of a power cut, your home lift has a backup battery. It will always be able to return to the ground floor. You can then exit the lift using a manual release.

Expert design

Our range of home lifts was created to suit different needs and budgets. We know what works after years of experience, using feedback obtained from users and healthcare professionals.

Residential elevators and through-floor lifts provide smooth and quiet through-floor travel. They are an impressive addition to any home.

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