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The Importance of Routine planned preventative servicing and maintenance

A planned preventive servicing and preventive maintenance routine of moving and handling equipment is essential to reduce failure, breakdowns and potential accidents. It is essential to assess the condition and wear of essential components before they fail!

Avoid inconvenient & expensive breakdowns

Equipment breakdowns are always inconvenient and expensive and are best avoided

We all know that everyday, checks on your equipment are essential. We know that carers (and family members) will not know what to check or correct an issue if they spot one.

A thorough service to the manufacturer’s specification will examine components that are part of the equipment, including some areas/parts that are generally not visible. Therefore a full service must be performed to detect unwanted movement or wear and tear on the moving parts, preferably as part of a regular planned preventative maintenance regime.

Avoiding emergencies

Nobody wants an emergency that can seriously affect the client and also the care staff. However, these situations can lead to delays in needed care and increase an incident that may have to be reported.

A proactive planned preventative maintenance/servicing program will prevent emergency incidents, leading to greater confidence for your staff, patients and insurers.

L.O.L.E.R. Compliance

UK law states that any lifting equipment must be inspected following the L.O.L.E.R. regulations (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations).

Therefore, a competent person must conduct regular inspections to meet these regulations. This is, of course, a service that we can offer.

Providing peace of mind

We are all well aware of the risks associated with moving and handling procedures. Therefore, ensuring that any equipment for such procedures is fully serviced, maintained and inspected for safe use is hugely important!

Our service engineers are fully trained in servicing and maintaining most equipment used in a caring environment.

We can help you consolidate suppliers and reduce costs; your staff and users can feel safe.

All servicing, planned preventative maintenance and service contracts can be tailored to your needs.

Slings and mattress audits

We can also check items like slings and mattresses – ensuring they are safe to use and free from defects or problems.

Equipment that we service & repair includes:

We can provide planned preventative maintenance, equipment servicing, repairs and L.O.L.E.R. in most of England and Scotland.

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