Icon Essence Riser Recliner Chair

Icon Essence Riser Recliner Chair is a luxury recliner lift chair perfect for ultimate comfort, control and convenience.

Porter Function: Effortless movement with the person onboard

State-of-the-art lift mechanism: One touch seating to standing position

Massage & Heat Pad: Relax & relieve stress with 9 points of contact

What’s unique in Icon Essence Riser Recliner Chair?

  • easy to move
    Easy to Move
    The ‘attendant’ mode and chrome push bar of the recliner chair make movement effortless.
  • Massage Heat Pad function
    Massage & Heat Pad function
    Can help you relax and relieve stress with its 9 points of contact (legs, seat, back, and headrest).
  • Backlit LED
    Backlit LED hand controller
    The hand controller with large backlit buttons allows you to adjust your chair even in the dark.
  • Dual motors
    Dual Motors
    The dual motor mechanism allows you to independently adjust the angle of the backrest and leg rest to any position you desire.
  • Memory Foam Filling
    Memory Foam Filling
    A luxurious layer of high-density memory foam and pocket springs provides optimal support and comfort.
  • Lateral backrest support
    Lateral backrest support
    The built-in lumbar and lateral backrest cushion support provide maximum comfort and control.

Ultimate comfort, control and convenience

Icon Essence Riser Recliner Chair, a dual motor luxury recliner lift chair with a porter function that offers you unparalleled comfort, convenience, and style.

A luxurious layer of high-density memory foam with pocket springs provides optimal support & comfort.

Modern design, crafted to complement your home interior!

State of the art- lift Recliner Chair

State-of-the-art lift mechanism

The recliner chair can raise you up to a standing position and back down to a seated position with the single touch of a button. This is perfect for those who have difficulty getting up or sitting back down.

Additionally, it includes a foot pedal to activate “attendant mode” for easy transportation.

Effortless transition from seated to standing position.

Relax & relieve stress with 9-points of contact

Icon Essence Riser Recliner Chair has a built-in massage function that can help you relax and relieve stress.

The adjustable heat pad function of this relaxing chair can help to relieve aches and pains.

Transform your lifestyle with Icon Essence relaxing chairs!

Relax & relieve stress Recliner Chair

Icon Essence Riser Recliner Chair Features

  • 21″ Seat width*
  • 18″ Seat depth*
  • 2 Styles of chair to choose from
  • Quick delivery
  • 150 Kg – 23.5st user weight capacity
  • High density memory foam layer plus pocket sprung seat
  • Lumbar & lateral support backrest
  • Push handle included (for attendant mode)
  • “Attendant mode” Porter function – allowing easy movement of chair
  • Cushioned headrest
  • Backlit LED hand controller
  • Dual motors for independent recline & footrest action
  • Side pocket storage included x2
  • Hand controller hook/loop included
  • Durable, waterproof high quality PU leather outer
  • Massage function (legs, seat, back & headrest)
  • Heat pad function (legs, seat, back & headrest)

* Approximate measurement

Why Icon Essence Riser Recliner Chair?

The recliner chair helps you stand up and sit back down afterwards with little or no effort. An Icon Essence Riser Recliner Chair will gently raise you from a seated position to an almost standing position.

Our riser recliner chairs have a variable footrest position to allow leg elevation for those who need to elevate their legs. This feature is particularly helpful for people who suffer from water retention.

A riser recliner lift chair alleviates many difficulties associated with getting in and out of a chair. In many cases, this makes the user less dependent on others for assistance, and, of course, they don’t have to wait or ask someone to help them re-position within the chair.

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