HP-Aqua Waterproof Special Needs Helmet

The HP-Aqua Waterproof Special Needs Helmet is a chemical resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal head protection helmet designed for swimming, hydrotherapy or bathing.

    Suitable while swimming, bathing.

    Washable & quick drying.

    Soft to the touch.

    Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial & chemical resistant.

    Lightweight even when wet.

    Padded chin-guard option.


  • *Size ( select a size to reveal extra add-ons )

    Chin protection

    Chin strap Fastener – choose one

Why choose the HP-A Aqua Waterproof Special Needs Helmet?

The HP-A Aqua waterproof special needs head protection helmet offers a simple and easy way to protect the head from impacts, knocks and bumps while swimming or bathing.

With its impact resistant gel layer wrapped in a soft & flexible neoprene outer, it barely gets heavier when wet, allowing the user to swim or bathe without issue. 

Once used the HP Aqua can be rinsed in clean water and allowed to dry naturally, ready for the next swimming or bathing session.

  • Multiple chin fastener options. 
  • Comfortable & soft to the touch. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Hand washable at 30 degrees. 
  • Impact resistant foam filling. 
  • Hardwearing & soft neoprene outer.
  • Anti-bacterial & Anti-fungal.
  • Resistant to chemicals.
  • Remains lightweight when wet.
  • Easy to rinse, clean and disinfect
  • Quick-drying and waterproof outer
  • Made to measure.

The HP-A Aqua Waterproof Special Needs Helmet is suitable for :

  • Head protection while swimming. 
  • Head protection during hydrotherapy sessions. 
  • Head protection while bathing & showering. 
  • The HP-Aqua can be used as an “every day” head protector 

Special needs helmet for swimming or bathing

When swimming or bathing, most head protector helmets become heavy and tend to perish quickly due to the chemicals in the water.

Aqua head protection helmet is a water-friendly, chemical-resistant, detergent-resistant helmet with anti-bacterial properties that is lightweight (even when wet) and provides all-round head protection while swimming.

Stay protected, stay confident with the HP-Aqua special needs helmet.

Special Needs Helmet straps

A Quick-Drying Special Needs Helmet

HP-A is soft Aqua head protection helmet designed to be used in water for low to medium risk of head impacts.

Impact resistance is provided around the head (with extended cover over the occipital area at the rear), with adjustable padded panels at the top, which help to provide airflow and additional fit adjustment.

Constructed with padded foam gel and a soft neoprene shell, it provides protection from knocks on all sides. Its quick-drying material ensures comfort and hygiene between uses.

Cleaning, strap & fastener options

47 – 49cm, 50 – 52cm, 53 – 55cm, 56 – 59cm, 60 – 62cm, Custom size

Velcro Fastner (Standard)
Fixlock fastener
D loop fastener

The HP-Aqua Head Protection is also antibacterial and resistant to the chemicals frequently used in swimming and hydrotherapy pools.

Wash or rinse through with clean water after use, which will remove any soap or chemical residue. This will extend the life of the product.

Hand washable at up to 30° after washing It should be left to dry naturally away from heat sources.

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