Help and advice area

In this section we offer advice about various types of products and services that you may find useful

 We try to point out both the positives and negatives for each type of aide - so that you have the information at hand to make an informed choice about which products will help your situation.

We are still building this area and intend to improve the content to cover more areas and types of equipment and services. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us - we will try to help!

Adapt a Home - Continue living in the home you love

We now offer our services in both England & Scotland

What does Adapt A Home Offer?

We offer a multitude of products and services to help those with mobility issues caused by medical conditions, the effects of aging and to aide recovery after injuries and or surgery. Our teams of qualified technicians are out in the community every day, assessing for and installing straight & curved Stairlifts, lifts, Step Lifts and fitted hoists to enable transfers around the home.

We also provide a range of soft hats & helmets that provide protection against falls, medical conditions and neurological issues along with small aides to help with mobility & bathing including; wheelchairs, bath lifts, bath steps, shower commode chairs and more.

Feel free to have a look at our help & advice area, where we try to explain the usage and pro's and con's of a variety of medical equipment, along with general help and advice with choosing the best seating, including Neuro & Riser Recliner Chairs, adjustable beds, hoists, stair lifts and more.

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Live in the home you love

Our goal is to help you stay active in your own home

If you are suffering with mobility issues and require help conducting some day-to-day tasks, as well as help & guidance we offer...

Free equipment surveys and assessments without any obligation whatsoever.

Installation of larger items like fitted hoists and stairlifts to enable you to move to other floors/levels of your home and take the strain of moving/conducting transfers.

Smaller aides that can enable you to bathe, shower and toilet easier and in safety.

We offer a complete Turn Key Service from initial survey to completed, delivered project.