Adapt A Home

If you are having difficulties with mobility, function, movement, pressure care, toileting or access to parts of your home, you are not alone. Every year people worry about the costs of hiring carers or even "down-sizing" to a smaller, more manageable property. However, the products & services Adapt a Home provide can help you to continue living in the home you love!

Patient Turning Bed Systems

Our patient turning bed systems reduce the need to wake the user to reposition them throughout the night, as the bed can be programmed to reposition to pre-set parameters. The turning system allows easier transfers and does not affect the full “profiling” functions of the community bed that it is fitted to.

The patient turning system helps occupational therapists and nurses carry out in bed moving & handling tasks for those with limited mobility.

Single handed-care and reduced care handling are significant issues in healthcare today, where resources and budgets are becoming increasingly stretched due to our ageing population and increasingly complex care situations.

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