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Curved Stairlifts

A curved stair lift is designed for stairways that have curves, turns or cover multiple levels. They are custom made to fit your home, centimeter perfect.

They offer smooth, comfortable & safe travel to any level of your home. Due to their bespoke nature, this type of stairlift generally takes a little longer to produce compared to straight stairlifts.

Many homes have staircases that go around at least one bend or corner, so a curved stairlift will be required for these staircases.

Often the bends can be tight, and the staircase may be narrow. As a solution to these issues, our suppliers have developed a market-leading range of made-to-measure stair lifts that can travel around multiple corners, across intermediate landings and even up spiral staircases.

All of our curved stairlifts are tailor-made and designed for your individual staircase and needs. See our range below.

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