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We supply, install & maintain stairlifts in London, the southeast of England as well as most of Scotland. 

The idea of buying the right curved stairlift, straight stairlift, through floor lift or even a step lift may seem daunting at first. However we can help & guide you to make the best choice.

Every year thousands of people look for a solution to the problems they have using the stairs at home. So you are certainly not alone. When compared with the alternatives of moving house or even having to live on one level of their home, many people have found a lift or a stairlift to be their preferred solution.

Many factors can determine which type of lift or stairlift solution best suits your needs. We will provide a solution that takes your needs into account. We stock multiple brands and models, we tailor the right stairlift for you which is best suited to you & your home.

Stairlifts can usually be installed and be up & running within a couple of hours. We can install a stairlift with minimal fuss and minimal disruption. We also offer Planned Preventative maintenance (PPM), servicing and 24/7 breakdown response options for your peace of mind.

Need Help & Advice?

We have multiple articles in our Help & Advice area that will guide you through the assessment/survey process that helps us find the best solution for you and your home, along with other guidance on the lifts & stairlifts themselves and the manual or powered features that you may benefit from. The information provided here is not an alternative to an individual assessment.

A common stairlift mistake…

Some people attempt to save costs by installing a straight stairlift on a curved staircase and attempt to manage the first or last few steps unaided. However, if their condition deteriorates, they may no longer be able to manage this. In these cases the stairlift may have to be modified or changed entirely to enable full travel of the stairs. It’s always advisable that a straight or curved stairlift covers the whole staircase.

Progressive Medical Conditions

Those with a condition that would be expected to deteriorate over time should consider their best long-term solution. Although they may be able to use a seated stairlift now, it may be appropriate to consider a standing or “perching” stairlift seat. Or even a through-floor lift which has the option of travelling to other floors in a standing position or even with a wheelchair in the future.