Adapt A Home

If you are having difficulties with mobility, function, movement, pressure care, toileting or access to parts of your home, you are not alone. Every year people worry about the costs of hiring carers or even "down-sizing" to a smaller, more manageable property. However, the products & services Adapt a Home provide can help you to continue living in the home you love!

Mobile Hoists

Our portable / Mobile Hoists are designed to help those with limited mobility. Our cost-effective stand aid equipment features the latest designs and technology. The Range includes compact, folding and portable hoists for easy patient transfers & lifts, compliant with LOLER regulations.

It’s hard work, but one of the very best things you can do to ease the pressure here is to consider the option of mobile hoists. Many people find that it is the one thing that transforms their lives and makes caring for someone else a lot easier and more positive.

A mobile hoist is a motorised lifting device used for lifting and moving patients from one location to another. Whether that be out of a chair, into a bed, onto a commode or from one room to another, a mobile patient hoist assists in these movements.

This moving and handling equipment is suited for moving a person who is less abled, due to a disability, illness or injury, that prevents them from moving themselves. With the use of a sling, the person is lifted up completely from a sitting or lying position, moved to where they need to go and then lowered back down into a sitting or lying position.

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