Adapt A Home

If you are having difficulties with mobility, function, movement, pressure care, toileting or access to parts of your home, you are not alone. Every year people worry about the costs of hiring carers or even "down-sizing" to a smaller, more manageable property. However, the products & services Adapt a Home provide can help you to continue living in the home you love!

Head Protection

Protective Headwear, Helmets & Hats for Special Needs.

You can use our head protection for multiple reasons.

For medical conditions including autism (for headbanging), cerebral palsy, epileptic fits, bleeding disorders, neurological rehabilitation haemophilia, seizures, traumatic brain injury and other developmental disabilities.

Some other uses include fall protection for all ages, safety while bathing or swimming and a multipurpose soft helmet to prevent harm to children and adults. Also, you can use it as general and special needs head protection or soft shell helmet for sports and other purposes.

If you use one of our helmets for another reason, let us know about it and we will include it here.

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