Ceiling track & mobile hoists

A fitted ceiling track or overhead hoist is installed and available to use 24-7 & a mobile hoist is free moving and pushed & positioned by a carer

Fitted Hoists

picture of a robin celling track

Ceiling track hoists are installed & ready to use whenever needed

Hoist Slings & Aids

Picture of a patient sling

Our high quality range of hoist slings and transfer aids

Mobile Hoists

Image of a mobile hoist

Portable mobile hoists, battery powered and compact

Standing Hoists

Image of a stand assist hoist

Help for patients who need some assistance to stand

What our customers say about us …

Who would benefit from using a patient hoist?

If you are a carer you will be fully aware of the hard work involved in the caring process. It is a huge responsibility and you also have to deal with the fact that there is a significant time investment as well as the physical effort of moving someone.

Our solutions include fitted ceiling track hoist systems which are a simple, effective solution to transferring a patient easily and safely.

For those who do not want a fitted hoist, our range of portable mobile hoists is available along with our gantry hoist systems.

About our moving & handing range

The patient hoist assists in these movements, whether out of a chair, into a bed, onto a commode or from one room to another. If the person being cared for is immobile for some or all of the time, getting them to another position in the room or even helping them stay clean can mean a massive physical effort.

It’s hard work, but one of the best things you can do to ease the pressure is to consider the option of a fitted ceiling track hoist or using a mobile hoist (also known as a portable hoist) which will do the heavy lifting work for you.

A fitted ceiling track hoist is perfect if you have to re-located someone regularly in the same area or room. A mobile hoist takes more effort to move, however but is ideal for short-term use. Many people find that a patient hoist is the one thing that transforms their lives and makes caring for someone else a lot easier and more positive.

If you have a hoist, you will need a sling. We provide a range of slings designed for general lifting of a patient, toileting & more.

Many people also find that slide sheets also help to get people re-positioned in a bed, ready to be put into a sling.

Click on the slings category below to see our range of slings and slide/re-positioning sheets

A stand-assist portable hoist is for those who just need help standing from a bed or a chair for example.

Many people can then have full mobility around their home until they need the hoist again to sit back down safely.

Standing hoists can be used instead of a full-body lift hoist if it is suitable for the person being moved.

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