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Bath lifts and shower commode chairs are assistive devices designed to make bathing safe and accessible for individuals with limited mobility, disabilities, or age-related challenges.

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About our bathroom aids

Our bathroom aids allow people to toilet easily in their room or be transported over the toilet itself, as well as enabling them to safely take a bath.

They are an excellent solution for people who need to sit down when taking a bath or would like to enjoy their time under the shower. They offer a multitude of benefits, promoting both physical and emotional well-being. Here’s a summary of their key advantages:

Reduced slip and fall risk:

Stepping into and out of a bathtub or shower can be treacherous, especially for those with weak balance or coordination. Bath lifts and shower commode chairs eliminate this hazard by providing a stable platform for entering and exiting.

Minimize bathroom accidents:

Wet, slippery surfaces in bathrooms are a recipe for falls. These assistive devices minimize the need to navigate these precarious surfaces, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Maintain bathing independence:

Regaining control over personal hygiene activities like bathing can be a significant morale booster. Bath lifts and shower commode chairs empower individuals to bathe independently, fostering a sense of dignity and confidence.

Reduced reliance on caregivers:

These devices can lessen dependence on caregivers for bathing assistance, promoting a sense of autonomy and privacy.

Comfortable bathing experience:

Bath lifts and shower commode chairs provide ergonomic support, making bathing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. They often come with features like padded seats, backrests, and adjustable heights for personalized comfort.

Pain relief and injury prevention:

Bending and straining while bathing can exacerbate pain and lead to injuries. These devices eliminate the need for such movements, offering pain relief and preventing further muscle strain or joint pain.


Some bath lifts and shower commode chairs are portable and can be used in bathtubs or showers, offering flexibility.

Durability and ease of use:

These devices are typically built with sturdy materials and designed for user-friendly operation, making them a reliable and practical solution.

Peace of mind for caregivers:

Knowing that their loved ones are bathing safely and independently can provide caregivers with valuable peace of mind.

Bath lifts and shower commode chairs are invaluable tools for promoting safety, independence, and comfort during bathing for individuals with mobility limitations. They contribute to improved physical and emotional well-being, allowing individuals to enjoy a more dignified and fulfilling bathing experience.

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Start your Bathroom Aid enquiry today

Simply fill out the form below. One of our friendly team members will call you back as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

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