Riser recliner chairs, neuro care chairs & bariatric seating allows you to switch between functions to reach optimal comfort. As well as to assist you with getting in and out of the chair.

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Why Consider Getting A Riser Recliner Chair?

The first obvious benefit of owning a riser recliner chair is that the chair helps with standing up and getting sat back down afterwards, with little or no effort. A riser recliner chair will gently raise you from a seated position to an almost standing position.

Our riser recliner care chairs offer various styles of backrests, lumbar support, lateral support and built-in headrests for head and neck support. Ensuring that you are fully supported while seated.

For those who need to elevate their legs our riser recliner chairs all have a variable footrest position to allow leg elevation and more comfort. This is particularly helpful for people who suffer from water retention or other conditions that benefit from raising your legs.

A riser recliner chair alleviates many difficulties associated with getting in and out of a chair. In many cases, this makes the user less dependent on others for assistance, and of course, they don’t have to wait or ask someone to help them re-position within the chair.

Many of our chairs are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing living space. Gone are the days of chairs looking “medical” or unattractive. They are modern and stylish, many allow a choice of materials & colours.

Many of our chairs are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing living space. Gone are the days of chairs looking “medical” or unattractive. They are modern and stylish, many allow a choice of materials & colours.

About our bariatric riser recliners

Our range of bariatric riser recliner chairs contains heavy-duty frames, mechanisms and frames. The foot raiser part of the chairs can handle 30st or more of weight which is designed to cater for the heaviest of users.

The chairs themselves are available all the way up to 120st and offer the same functions (or even more) than standard riser recliners. They feature heavier duty mechanisms, frame and motors as well as higher density foam. The footrests are also enhanced to be able handle heavier users.

Most of our bariatric chairs feature powered recline and footrest elevation and some offer a horizontal or an angled chair lift function to facilitate safer & easier transfers.

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When selecting a riser recliner chair, consider your budget and comfort preferences. Single motor models are more affordable and simple to operate, with simultaneous seat lifting and reclining. Dual motor options provide increased customization, allowing for independent adjustments of the backrest and footrest, resulting in a more tailored comfort experience.

Our range includes models with optional massage capabilities, allowing you to tailor a massage while comfortably seated. The variable speed and intensity settings let you fine-tune the massage in the backrest, seat, headrest, legs, and feet. Additionally, our massage chairs feature a heat pad function, which can be activated independently in the headrest, backrest, seat, legs, and feet. This feature provides the perfect heat setting to alleviate aches and pains.

Riser recliner chairs help individuals with mobility challenges by gently lifting them into a standing position, reducing strain on joints. They also offer adjustable reclining and footrest positions, providing customised support and easing the process of sitting down or getting up.

Neuro chairs offer specialised features for individuals with neurological conditions. These features include tilt-in-space functionality for improved circulation and pressure relief, deep recline positions to manage muscle tone, and extensive customisation options to address individual postural needs.

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