Head Protection for Falls, Medical Conditions or Self-Harm

There is a new range of soft protective headwear. It protects people who are at risk from or have a history of impacting their face or the back of the head. Adapt a Home provides a range of soft protective headwear ranging from standard knocks & bumps protection to full-face & head protection for falls and self-harm.

HP-1 Special Needs Helmet

The standard or entry-level head protection is called the HP1 (Head Protector 1) and is great at mitigating small knocks and bumps. The next model (The HP2) improves on the protection. It also allows adding additional pads at the front or rear of the head protector. Plus, the choice of the cotton or leather outer layer. The HP3 & HP4 models offer even more protection and utilise the Perfect Fit™ technology. This actually scans the client and produces a 3D mould of their head. This allows our craftspeople to produce a perfectly fitting head protector.

Perfect Fit™ service

Perfect Fit™ can also be used to provide accurate measurements of the head over a period of time and monitor growth, swelling etc. The scan itself is very quick and involves no physical contact with the client. Apart from the client wearing a super-thin headcover to allow the system to measure accurately. This can be fitted by someone that the client knows or trusts.

Getting the perfect fit for high-end head protectors is particularly important. Unwanted movement during an impact could diminish the head protectors’ overall effectiveness.

Their range also includes a special neoprene model, the HP-A Aqua, which was primarily designed for Hydrotherapy sessions. However, it is also particularly useful for washing and bathing sessions. The unit is antibacterial, resistant to soap and detergents and hand washable.

The HP-S Sleep Head Protection is another popular model. It is aimed at users with a history of impacting their heads or faces during sleep, either from falls or bangingMade from super-soft leather, which contains no dyes or chemicals. It contains a generous layer of extremely comfortable padding. The lining is made from super soft perforated leather to allow the scalp to breathe and regulate heat.

The HP5 is a leather head protector that can expand and contract when required. Ideal for those clients who have undergone cranial surgery or suffer from swelling. Clever use of adjustable velcro straps and a ratchet-style fitting on both sides. This allows the external and internal components to be constantly adjusted and re-positioned. While still offering comprehensive protection against falls and knocks.

HP-5 Adjustable Special Needs Helmet

And finally…

Although not a head protector, the final mention goes to the HP-MF. Which stands for head protector Maxilla Facial; basically, this is a special, stretchy neoprene strap system that is particularly useful after facial reconstruction surgery. It gently supports the jaw and keeps it closed and in the correct position. It is adjustable and can also be fitted with an air bladder which can be adjusted to provide just the right amount of pressure.

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