Everything to Know About Funding and Assessments

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How to get a home assessment?

If you, or someone you know, needs help to do everyday tasks or you’re worried about falling, ask social services for a home assessment. You can call your local council or do it online here: Apply for a home assessment

What happens during the assessment?

An occupational therapist will visit you at your home. They’ll ask you questions and walk around with you to see what you struggle with. You’ll work out what you need together. Make sure you tell them everything you find difficult, even trivial things such as opening a cupboard. The assessments usually take about an hour.

Needs assessment

You might also be referred for a needs assessment to see if you could benefit from extra help at home. Have someone with you. Ask a friend or relative to be with you. It might help if you’re not confident explaining your situation. They can also take notes for you. You can use an advocate if you can’t get a friend or relative. These are people who sit with you during an assessment and speak for you. They can also help you fill in forms. They’re often free. Find an advocate in your area. If you are self-funding we offer no-obligation, free assessments for our equipment and aides. Contact us to arrange an assessment.

Getting help with costs of home adaptions

Small adaptations are often free. Your council should pay for each adaptation that costs less than £1,000.

This usually includes:

You might be able to get help with adaptations & aides costs.

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