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Autism Helmets: Safety and Comfort for Your Loved Ones

Children with autism commonly exhibit self-injurious behaviours (SIBs) such as head-banging or hitting themselves. These behaviours can pose significant risks of injury, including concussions or other head trauma. Our specially designed Autism Helmets for Special Needs provide superior protection and comfort, ensuring your loved one can explore the world safely.

Autism Helmets
Safeguard Your Loved Ones with the Best Head-Banging Helmets for Autism!
Soft helmet with durable leather finish.
High-density sandwiched foam filling.
Fitted with “bumper ready” Velcro strip on front.
Breathable leather perforated inner liner.
Can be worn comfortably for many hours at a time.
Comfortable & Lightweight Autism Helmets for ultimate protection from head-banging!

Adapt A Home: An NHS-Approved Supplier of Mobility Devices in the UK for 12 Years!

Why Choose Our Autism Helmets?

Superior Safety Standards


Our helmets are made with durable material that reduce the risk of head injury, providing coverage for the forehead, sides, and back.

Protection from Head-Banging

Autism Helmets
Our soft helmets made with durable leather finish to reduce the risk of injuries from head banging.

Not Hard but Soft Helmets!

Our helmets, made with high-density foam filling, are lightweight and safe, unlike hard and rigid helmets.

Comfort And Fit


Our helmets use lightweight materials, feature proper ventilation, and have adjustable chin straps for comfort and a perfect fit.

Suitable For All


Our adjustable helmets are suitable for toddlers, children, adults, and the elderly, and can be worn for long hours.

All-Round Head Protection

Autism Helmets

Adjustable chin straps, closed-top design & sandwiched foam filling provide all-round protection for the sides, back, and occipital area.

Autism Helmets Head banging

Why Compromise is Not an Option?

When it comes to the head safety, cutting corners isn’t an option. Our Autism Helmets are designed to the highest standards to ensure maximum protection from head-banging. Cheaper alternatives may not offer the same level of security and durability!

Choose medical-grade HP-3 Helmets. Take the first step towards safety today!

Adapt A Home – A trusted name in mobility equipment providers!

Adapt A Home has been a leading mobility equipment provider in the UK for the past 12 years. We specialize in Stairlifts, Domestic Lifts, Patient Hoists, Hospital Beds, Head Protection Helmets, and Recliner Chairs.

Adapt A Home is an official equipment provider to local authorities and the NHS in the UK.

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FAQs about Autism Helmets

An autism helmet is a head protection device designed to safeguard individuals with autism, particularly those who exhibit behaviours such as head-banging or self-injury. These helmets are crafted to cushion the head and minimize the risk of injury during episodes of self-harming behaviour.

Our medical grade helmets are soft (not hard and rigid), lightweight, and filled with sandwiched foam, providing maximum head protection.

Determining if a child needs an helmet should involve consultation with healthcare professionals, such as a paediatrician, neurologist, or occupational therapist. Indicators that a helmet might be necessary include frequent episodes of head-banging, self-injury, or other behaviours that pose a significant risk of head injury. A thorough assessment of the child’s behaviour patterns, severity of self-injury, and overall safety needs should guide this decision.

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When buying an autism helmet, consider the individual’s protection needs, ensuring the helmet is comfortable, fits well, and is made of durable, breathable materials. It is also essential to check that the helmet meets safety standards. Medical-grade helmets from Adapt A Home are soft, lightweight, and filled with sandwiched foam, providing maximum head protection for head-banging associated with autism.

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